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15 June
"nature hikes", "nature walks", a cinderella story, abercrombie, abercrombie & fitch, adam brody, american eagle, american idol, animals, anna stern, archie comics, arts camp, arts york, ashlee simpson, ashton kutcher, avril lavigne, ay drama, benjamin mckenzie, beverely hills, birthdays, blink-182, boys, bubbles, butterflies, california, candy, carrie underwood, celebrities, charms, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, chrismukkah, christina aguilera, clay aiken, clown, comedy, creativity, daniel radcliffe, death cab for cutie, degrassi, degrassi: the next generation, diana degarmo, disney, donnie darko, drama, eliza dushku, fairies, family, film, finding nemo, flip flops, florida, food, freedom, french fries, friends, fun, going to the beach, greenday, hairspray, harry potter, hollister, hot chocolate, hottubs, jimmy cooper, johnny depp, kelly clarkson, kimberly caldwell, kinark, laguna beach, los angeles, magazines, marissa cooper, mcdonalds, mean girls, mischa barton, movies, music, music from the o.c., my ipod, newlyweds, newport beach, oasis, orange county, palm trees, peter gallagher, phantom planet, pictures, pizza, puppies, quotes, quoting things, rachel bilson, reality tv, ryan atwood, ryan seacrest, samaire armstrong, sandy cohen, saved by the bell, second city, secrets, seth cohen, seth/summer, shopping, showers, simpsons, snow, snowflakes, speak, stars, stillsethcohen, strawberries, summer, summer breeze, summer roberts, summer/seth, sunshine, survivor, swimming, taking pictures, talking, the killers, the o.c., the oc, the simple life, the sims, the swamp, tru calling, tv, water, wicked, ,